About us

Eastern Counties Tai Chi Academy

The Eastern Counties Tai Chi Academy is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to provide venues and affordable instruction to both new and regular students wanting to learn the Tai Chi form of Mr Moy Lin-Shin (1931-1998). All ages and levels of physical ability are welcome with regular daytime and evening classes available throughout the year.

The Academy

The Eastern Counties Tai Chi Academy is operated by volunteer instructors dedicated to teaching the techniques and benefits of Tai Chi. We welcome young and old alike and teach in a relaxed, friendly manner.  The Academy is concerned only with teaching Tai Chi and is not affiliated with any religious groups.

Our Approach

We adopt a staged approach to teaching, starting with the basic moves and postures of the Tai Chi set. Once the student has mastered the basic level we teach the set again from the beginning, but in more depth and detail, refining the patterns and methods common to all moves. As the students progress, the instruction becomes more personal and individual, with each student being given the instruction that they need at the time.